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Featured Tire: Toyo Celsius Variable-Condition Tires For Sale

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish there was a tire that could be driven year-round, that handled severe winter conditions really well, and lasted a really long time?” Well, your wish has come true! Introducing the Toyo Celsius variable-conditions tire. Designed by Toyo Tire engineers, the Celsius and Celsius CUV tires incorporate the most up-to-date innovations in tire technology.

All-Weather Performance

The advancements in severe weather, tire technology make it possible for the Celsius variable-conditions, or four-season tires, as they’re also known, to offer better ice and snow traction than a typical all-season tire. They also last longer than a traditional winter tire. In a way, Toyo engineers combined the best of all-season and winter tires and created a true, four-seasons tire.

For example, the Toyo Celsius and Celsius CUV line of tires improve braking, stopping up to 14 feet shorter on snow, and as much as eight feet shorter on ice, versus the typical all-season tire. Additionally, this tire is incredibly durable and performs as well in the severe heat of summer, as it does in the severe cold of winter.

Listed below are a handful of additional features and benefits of the Toyo Celsius variable-conditions tires.

Longer Lasting Tire & Tread Life

With a 60,000 mile Limited Tread Wear Warranty, the Toyo Celsius and Celsius CUV tires give you much longer tread life than other tires with winter capabilities. 

Toyo Celsius CUV - All-Season CUV/SUV Touring Tire - Next Tires
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True Four-Seasons Tire

With the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake, the Toyo Celsius is qualified for severe winter conditions, making it a true four-seasons tire, and as important, a truly, qualified winter-rated tire.

Multi-Wave Sipes

Multi-wave sipes improve traction, handling and braking when driving on all roads and highways, including dry and wet, and those covered with ice and snow. An added bonus of sipes is the reduction in irregular tire wear, which contributes to a smoother, quieter ride.

Variable Sipe Density

The addition of variable siping allows the Toyo Celsius to perform better, than a typical all-season tire, during all four seasons, and in a variety of conditions. For example, Toyo engineers increased sipe density on the inside tread blocks, for improved winter traction on snow and ice. For improved summer performance, the engineers reduced the density of sipes on the outer tread blocks, for greater traction on wet and dry roads.

Slush Grooves

The grooves on the Toyo Celsius tires for sale are designed for the flushing of water, snow and slush, away from the tread when driving, making your tires safer in all weather conditions. The evacuation channels are aided by multi-wave sipes, which force water, snow, slush, and other debris from beneath the tires tread and into these channels. This increases traction and control, and reduces hydroplaning. 

Toyo Celsius CUV tread - All-Season CUV/SUV Touring Tire - Next Tires
Find great deals and save big on the Toyo Celsius CUV All-Season CUV/SUV Touring tire for sale at

Snow Claws

In more severe winter driving conditions, the need for chains may be necessary. To help reduce the need for chains, the Toyo Celsius winter-rated tires include snow claws, built into the tread blocks and grooves. This ensures these snow-rated tires have more effective grip when driving in soft snow or similar soft terrains. Snow claws also improve the tires rigidity, increasing stability, traction, and control, on wet and icy roads and highways.

The Jack of All Tires

The Toyo Celsius is a great tire that really comes through in the clutch. It is especially useful in areas, during the fourth season, that demand all-weather traction and all-season performance. A jack-of-all-tires, the Toyo Celsius will not only save you a bunch of money on a second set of dedicated winter tires, they will also deliver on the idea that a single tire can perform exceptionally well in all four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. So shop Next Tires now and save when you buy the Toyo Celsius variable conditions tire for sale.

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