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How To Buy New Tires Online At Next Tires.

Thank you for shopping with Next Tires, where we proudly offer a simple, tire shopping experience. In an effort to save you time and money, the following guide explains how to best use Next Tires for learning about, shopping for, and buying new tires for sale.

Did You Know? 1 in 10 people shop for and buy new tires online. These savvy, online tire buyers experience an average savings of $100 – $200 per set. This is compared to a similar, in-store purchase of four tires. So, are you ready to make that 2 in 10? Ok then, let’s get started!

Step 1: Find & Search Your Tire Size

Your car or truck tire size should be in one of the following formats and include a tire size and service description.

All Vehicles: P195/65R15 89T or 205/55R16 94V

Light Trucks: LT265/70R17 121/118S or 33×12.50R20 122Q

If you’re not familiar, finding your vehicle’s tire size is simple. You may find your tire’s size in the following places:

Your tire sidewall is where you’ll find your tire size, service description and more.

#1 – Tire Sidewall – going straight to the source is the best, most reliable option for determining your correct tire size.

Next Notes: It’s important to double check your tire’s sidewall to verify your tire size if you:

  • are not the original owner of the vehicle and have not yet put new tires on; or, 
  • changed or upgraded the sizes of your wheels and tires; or,
  • have a staggered fitment.
The Vehicle Information Placard displays tire and load information, including seating capacity, original and spare tire sizes, and tire inflation pressure.

#2 – Vehicle Information Placard – found inside the driver’s side door jamb, this option works best if no size changes have been made to your vehicle’s wheels and tires.

#3 – Vehicle Owner’s Manual – this option also works best if no size changes have been made to your vehicle’s wheels and tires. 

Next Tires recommends knowing your tire size as both a precaution and in preparation. Storing your vehicle’s tire size in a note on your phone, in your car’s center console, or your truck’s glove box, is another, quick and easy way to be prepared when the moment you need to know your tire size arrives.

Step 2: View & Filter Search Results

Now that you have your tire size, this is the best ways to search for new tires. Simply enter the numerics as you have them written down starting with the width.

Use the tire size search feature found on the home, shop and blog pages.

This search feature may be found on the home, shop and blog pages.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to save money! So, Add To Cart For Discounts

View the Product Details Page for more tire information, including tire size, load rating, warranty (if applicable), and tire types.

Once you’ve chosen the tire(s) you want to buy, Next Tires recommends you double check to make sure you have the correct and matching tire size(s), service description(s), and load/ply rating(s) if necessary.

Add tires to your cart to see additional discounts and savings.

Next, check your cart to see any additional tire discounts, like free shipping, in-store rebates, seasonal or weekend sales, etc. Remember, this is where we save you money!

Step 4: Safety & Security Matter

Next Tires understands, at times, shopping online can feel like the wild, wild West! So, knowing you can safely browse for tires online and securely complete your order means everything! Rest assured, Next Tires takes customer privacy and the security of your data very seriously. Like you, we’re Next Tires customers too!

Because Next Tires is committed to protecting our customers, to keep your data and identity safe, we use the latest security measures; backed by industry-leading, technology companies; using the most, up-to-date web security & encryption protocols. For example, consider the following security measures:

Secure Browsing w/ SSL Encryption

With 2048-bit SSL Encryption you can safely shop Next Tires with confidence.

#1 – In partnership with GoDaddy, Next Tires offers strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit SSL Encryption for safe and secure web browsing, and a hassle-free, tire shopping experience.

Secure Shopping & Checkout

As a McAfee TrustedSite you can feel confident and safe shopping with Next Tires.

#2 – In partnership with McAfee Secure, you can shop Next Tires with confidence and feel safe knowing TrustedSite regularly monitors for security issues, while Secure Checkout covers you with (up to) $100,000 of Identity Theft Protection.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

The latest Fraud Detection Software STOPS suspicious activity in its tracks.

#3 – In partnership with and Chase Bank, Next Tires uses the latest Fraud Detection Software to STOP suspicious activity before it starts. This ensures only you spend your hard-earned dollars on that affordable set of new tires.

Order Securely Processed

Now that you’ve safely and securely completed your order, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the internet (or Next Tires) to magically deliver your tires!

Step 5: Free Shipping & Installation

Next Tires offers Free FedEx Ground Shipping on all new tires for sale.

In partnership with FedEx, Next Tires offers Free Shipping on all new tires for sale. Once your order is processed, you’ll receive tracking details via email and notifications throughout the shipment, including pickup, ETA and delivery.

Local Tire Installation

If you haven’t already, upon receipt of your new tires you’ll need to arrange for installation with your local tire professional. Next Tires recommends setting up an installation appointment before you buy new tires. This may give you the option to ship directly to your local tire store.

Ride Off Into The Sunset

That’s all she wrote! And just like that, with your secure online purchase complete and your new tires balanced, rotated, and installed, you can feel safe driving off into the sunset. We hope you enjoy celebrating (with) all that time and hard-earned, money you saved!

Next Tires Is Committed To Helping You… Learn & Save!

Thank you for allowing us to share with you this shopping guide for tires online. We hope you’re now more confident buying tires for sale at Next Tires!

If you have any questions while shopping for new tires, call us at 1-800-360-5459. You can also email us at We appreciate the opportunity to help you save some money and earn your business as a Next Tires customer!

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