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Next Tires Is Committed To Protecting Your Data!

Thank you for shopping with Next Tires, where we proudly offer a safe and secure, tire shopping experience. The following guide explains some of the steps Next Tires takes to protect your identity and secure your data, in an effort to provide a safe place to shop for, learn about, and buy new tires for sale online.

Next Tires understands, at times, shopping online can feel like the wild, wild West! So, knowing you can safely browse for tires online and securely complete your order means everything! Rest assured, Next Tires takes customer privacy and the security of your data very seriously. We’re Next Tires customers too!

Table of Contents

Safety & Security Matter

Because Next Tires is committed to protecting our customers, to keep your data and identity safe, we use the latest security measures; backed by industry-leading, technology companies; using the most, up-to-date web security & encryption protocols. For example, consider the following security measures:

Secure Browsing w/ SSL Encryption

With 2048-bit SSL Encryption you can safely shop Next Tires with confidence.

#1 – In partnership with GoDaddy, Next Tires offers strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit SSL Encryption for safe and secure web browsing, and a hassle-free, tire shopping experience.

Built on WordPress and Powered by GoDaddy, this is how SSL Encryption works.

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Secure Shopping & Checkout

As a McAfee TrustedSite you can feel confident and safe shopping with Next Tires.

#2 – In partnership with McAfee Secure, you can shop Next Tires with confidence and feel safe knowing TrustedSite regularly monitors for security issues, while Secure Checkout covers you with (up to) $100,000 of Identity Theft Protection.

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Fraud Detection & Prevention

The latest Fraud Detection Software STOPS suspicious activity in its tracks.

#3 – In partnership with and Chase Bank, Next Tires uses the latest Fraud Detection Software to STOP suspicious activity before it starts. This ensures only you spend your hard-earned dollars on that affordable set of new tires.

Order Securely Processed

Now that you’ve safely and securely completed your order, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the internet (or Next Tires) to magically deliver your tires!

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Free Shipping w/ Door-To-Door Tracking

Next Tires offers Free Shipping with Real-Time Updates on tires for sale via FedEx Ground.

#4 – In partnership with FedEx, Next Tires offers Free Shipping with real-time updates on all new tires for sale. Once they’re loaded on the truck and leave the warehouse, you’ll have the ability to track your tires, all the way home.

This not only helps prevent theft, it provides you with up-to-date delivery estimates, so you may schedule an appointment to have your new tires installed. This is the peace of mind and security we all want when spending our hard-earned dollars, buying tires online.

Local Tire Installation

Next Tires recommends setting up an installation appointment before you buy new tires. One of the benefits of scheduling to have your tires installed in advance, is the possibility of shipping directly to your trusted, local tire store.

Ride Into The Sunset

That’s really all there is to it! And just like that, with your secure online purchase complete and your new tires balanced, rotated, and installed, you can feel safe driving off into the sunset. We hope you enjoy celebrating (with) all that money you saved!

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Additional Resources

For more tips on how to get the most out of shopping with Next Tires, consider the following tire shopping guides:

Tire FAQ’s – If you have questions, start with Next Tires Frequently Asked Tire Questions page for a list of our most popular questions and answers.

Tire Terms – For better understanding of the terminology, visit the Next Tires Glossary and you’ll be wheel and tire fluent in no time flat.

Save Big – For more on the time and money-saving tire deals, when shopping for tires online, read Save Buying Discount Tires Online.

How-To Plan – For more on the costs and savings associated with shopping for tires online, check out How To Plan For Buying Tires Online

Local Installation – For more on the installation of your new tires locally, read Who Will Install My Tires?

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Next Tires Is Committed To Protecting Your Identity & Securing Your Data!

Thank you for allowing us to share with you this security guide to safely shop for tires online. We hope you’re now more confident buying tires for sale at Next Tires!

If you have any questions while shopping for new tires, call us at 1-800-713-4728. You can also email us at We appreciate the opportunity to help you save some money and earn your business as a Next Tires customer! For a limited time, shop our new tires for sale and Save w/ Free Shipping and the Next Tires Risk Free Guarantee.** We look forward to helping you save money on your next set of tires!

**Next Tires Risk-Free Guarantee: We guarantee the products you purchase will fit your vehicle. For a limited time, save money with Free Shipping on all new tires for sale online. See cart for details. Discounts applied at checkout. Have your tires installed by your local mechanic or professional tire installation center. Excellent Service. Top Brands. Great Deals. Affordable Prices. High Quality, Cheap Tires. Hassle-Free Delivery & more… Experience The Next Tires Difference!

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